Tap the screen to feel the satisfaction of shooting your Hero Up into
the skies! Choose your angle and set your power carefully to travel
the furthest distance and rack up as much money as you can. Select
from a variety of weapons, ramps and accessories in the shop to
customize your character and their jump.
As you progress further and reach brand new milestones, you can unlock
medals and bonuses which give your Hero the ability to soar to thrilling
distances. Each level has its own set of unique in game elements which
can either boost or hinder your character making the game even more
Game Center compatibility allows you to earn points and reach new
heights in the leaderboards. With all this and loads more on offer, join in
the fun as Hero Up brings a brand new gaming experience to the iPhone.

Vibrant graphics, exhilariting gameplay and funky soundtrack make this a must-have for any iPhone user!

Hammad Malik

HeroUp means to filling bits of pieces of free time in the day with endless fun

Dani Webb

Who would have known that such a simple concept with a quirky twist could lead to this mind blowing development

Ovais Ahmed

There's apps and games on the iPhone... and then there's HeroUp. Simply put, in a league of its own

Mathew Carpenter

  • Levels with Unique in-game Elements
  • Game Center Leaderboards
  • Wide Choice of Accessories
  • Attainable Medals
  • Unlockable Bonus Content
  • Addictive Gameplay